6 Largely Marketable Types of Nurses with High Demand

Medicine is one of the widest and most delicate professions and has many subdivisions. Nursing is an imperative element of medicine, which over the years has turned out to be a lucrative career. Different types of nurses work in different hospital settings and beyond. Demand change with the increase in population and discoveries of new medication methods. Below is a list of the types of nurses that are in high demand.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Medical, surgical nurse

This can be described as the most delicate specialty which is amazingly not crowded. These types of nurses work in a surgical setting alongside surgeons and major doctors. Their main duties include helping during surgeries, taking care of surgery patients, ensuring the correct administration of drugs as prescribed by the doctors among others. Their average salary is around $ 75,000.

Nurse advocate

If one chooses to pursue this specialty, they probably will not work in hospitals. Their work is to use their expert skills to advise and consult on law cases that feature medical issues. They work with law officers in offices or even from home. They do a lot of research, reviewing case standards and records, making reports and finding useful witnesses. They earn a handsome salary of around $110,000.


With new babies being born on a daily basis, this is one of the most crucial nurse subdivisions. These nurses work to ensure the health of both the baby and the mother is upheld. Their primary duties include assisting during delivery, taking good care of fresh mothers, offering family planning education, and following up prenatal and postnatal care to mothers. Currently, they earn around $85,000.

Practical nurse

This field is one of the basic types of nursing. The good thing is that nurses here do not require as much qualification as the others. However, they have a lot on their shoulders. Their main tasks include: cleaning wounds and injuries, bathing critical patients, updating doctors on progress, administering medication as prescribed by doctors among other relatively minor duties. Their place of work includes hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities among other special care homes. Their salary is around $70,000.

Neonatal intensive care unit

These nurses are exclusively trained to take care of babies who are born immature. They require quite a bit of wider certification. It is a very delicate field, and one requires to be the best that they can ever be. Their work is to use the equipment and technology provided to ensure the babies survive and grow to be healthy. Other tasks include updating mothers on the progress and administering the right medication as doctors require them to. They earn a median salary of around $80,000.

Nursing anesthetist

These types of nurses basically administer anesthesia under the supervision of anesthesiologists. You will find them in surgery rooms, at the dentist parlor among other pertinent departments. It is quite a lucrative field whereby they do not have to do a lot. In fact, if one has a masters degree in the same and the required certifications, they can earn anything around $135, 000 a year.

Other types of nurses that are highly marketable in the society today include:

  • Clinical nurses
  • Informatics nurses
  • Nurse educator
  • Pain management nurse

Above are the main types of nurses that are in high demand. Salaries largely depend on certification and the area of work. If you have been contemplating on pursuing nursing as a career, you should search yourself to determine where you fit best. You should let it come from within you. Once you master the art of nursing and are passionate about it, your future is bright.